Pathfinder Chronicles

The Last Will and Testament of Petros Lorrimor

"Welcome to Ravensgro. Here's my rake."

The 31st day of Lamashan in the year 4708.

Burying the Professor
The heroes arrive in Ravengro to attend the funeral of a common friend and mentor, Professor Petros Lorrimor. Meeting with the Professor’s daughter, Kendra Lorrimor the friends learn that there are some uncertainties surrounding the death of her father. They also quickly learn that they will be expected to be pallbearers as per the request of Father Grimburrow.


Trouble on the Dreamwake

Kendra begins leading the procession with the casket and the pallbearers to the grave site. Unfortunately, as the ceremony progressed, a group of locals interrupted the peaceful proceedings.

A mob of 12 men objected to Professor Lorrimor being buried in their Restlands, accusing him of being a necromancer. After failed attempts at reasoning with the mob, things turned violent as the motley crew attacked the strange pallbearers with farming tool.

The heroes accidentally dropped the casket to the shock and horror of spectators as the professor’s body rolled out revealing a horrible crushed face. 6 of the mob made advances on the heroes doing very little damage to them with their rakes, shovels, and sticks. Rot of the Red Hill however, returned the attack with full ferocity, slaughtering two of the locals.

Father Grimburrow insisted that one ceremony be complete before another begins, so the funeral was finished, even among the morbidness of fresh bodies lying near by.

Lorrimor’s Will
The heroes returned to Kendra’s house for the official reading of his will. Professor Lorrimor’s will outlined what he wants of his friends from out of town—take care of Kendra for a month while she settles things after his death. He also left his latest journal and a few strange tomes.

Professor Lorrmor’s will
Professor Lorrimor’s journal

The Professor’s Tomes
Manual of the Order of the Palatine Eye
On Verified Madness
Serving your Hunger
The Umbral Leaves

With this new information, the visitors are faced with what to do with Rot as he will be made to answer for his crimes and likely hanged as well as determine if foul play was involved with the death of their friend and mentor.



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